Golf Clash Cheats Hack with 20 Tips and Tricks

Golf Clash cheats
Golf Clash Cheats

Golf Clash Cheats Hack with Tips and Tricks for best Clubs, Wind Guide

The game Golf Clash is one of the most common games on the mobile platform. As an Active Member of Golf Clash community, I want to share a few Golf Clash hack and Golf Clash cheats which I discovered while playing it for a long time. Well, a lot of other people help me to progress in this game, now this is my time to pay back.

Many ways to get gems and club cards using golf clash cheats.

Well, the obvious way to get gems is to play the game for a long time and earn them organically. But its very time consuming, take a lot of time. Well if you don’t have that much time better to buy them by spending a lot of money.

Trick #1 – Online Gems Generator for Golf Clash


Online gems generator tool one of the most used golf clash tricks to get free gems. Well if you haven’t used it so far, you can give it a try. Noting is better than this.

Golf Clash Free Gems

 Gem Generator


How golf clash hack works:-

Click on the generator button, it will ask you for your account name, and then you can select amount of Free Gems and Coins you want to add to your Golf Clash account. Then click on the Generator button. This tool will ask you a few queries to verify either you are human or some robot who is trying to steal our free gems.

Trick #2 – Cheat Codes for Gold Clash?

Well, Cheats Codes are tricky things, as Gold Clash is a free game but the developer team spent a lot of money to develop this game, and now they upgrading the game with the new feature. Well, all this requires money, So no way developer going to release the cheat code. Well, cheats codes are for them only to test the game at a various level, but when they find out non-developer using them, they immediately deactivate them. So it will be depletion of time to run after cheat code.

Trick #3 – hack to hit a perfect shot.

As an experienced Golf Clash player, I find out a few ways to hit a perfect shot. First of all, for beginners, there is no way you can make an absolute hit, for that you need a lot of experience but using two small hacks probability of perfect hit will go high. look for worst case scenario. First, look at where your ball is going to land and calculate how worst it will be if it lands little left or right. Better to avoid such a scenario, take a buffer zone initially. Or you don’t have many options, better to choose one side, like the right side, and hit when cursor move from right to left. This way even you have miss shot a little bit. Still, it will be on the right side where it is safer then left or vice versa.

2nd trick is always hit very little before the needle hit the center, as there is still little processing time required by mobile to process your input and sensitivity of your sensor on the screen. So it’s better to have press it very little early to compensate for its latency.

Trick #4 – How to Prevent Bankruptcy

As you move higher in the ladder, I mean higher tour, things start getting expensive. So my best practice is to keep the balance of 10 games for a tour. In other words, let assume a match cost you 300 coins, you should have 3000 coins in your account. Why ? well when you move to higher tour, it’s natural to will lose few games as currently, you don’t have sufficient skill in the field. If you already on edge, and you lose you all coins, I will be super tricky to gain them again as you have to start from a very basic level. So it’s better to play safe, earn enough coin in the current tour before the move to the next one.

Trick #5 – How to play around Wind

Thumb rule to calculate the wind and its force on the ball, is use the swing button rings, for example, if the wind is at 2.3, then we need to move the swing button right to 2.3 to the bottom to have the perfect hit. Well, there are many tools, golf clash notebook and apps to calculate the wind speed and how much it is going to divert the ball from its landing spot. But you do not need to be that much scientific, calculate it like a mad scientist better to use the swing button ring and calculate the direction and have a perfect shot as required.

Well, this technique I require some time to master, but after a couple of hits, your will starts seeing the result. As your hit will starts getting better and better, and you starts know the exact spot to hit.

golf clash cheats
Golf clash cheats Tips

Some other useful golf clash tips for free Gems and Coins.

There are some tricks which will help you get earn to get more coins and save some gems.

Hack for more gold chest :

The order in which you get the chest in Gold Clash is very random; mostly you get silver chest whose probability is 75% as per my understanding of the game. In other words, out of 4 chests, you will get 3 silver and one Gold, and getting Platinum is very rare like 1 %, out of 100 you will get one platinum. But how to increase your chances of getting more Gold chest. Well one trick is, fill your all slot while playing the game, and when all slots are full, and you win a new match, it will give you one more chest, and make a new slot for you, and changes are new chest will be gold are very high, in my case its 80-90%. So out of 10, 8 or 9 are gold chest.

golf clash notebook

One more thing I learned from the opening the chests in the night or day time. I always get more point when I open my platinum or gold chest in the night when people are sleeping, and I open my silver chest in the day time, they are more fruitful during day time.

Note:- Spend your Coins more smartly, don’t waste them for upgrading golf clash clubs that are not worth it – you will need it later stages of the game.

Best clubs to upgrade

Soon I will share the details of the best clubs in golf clash, where you can spend your coins.

Wind chart or golf clash wind calculator

You can easily find the golf clash wind chart, they give you a number to hit the target.

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